Let's Chat Unstretched Canvas

Here in the shop I offer two options for your art piece. You can have your piece printed on a beautiful, thick art paper or unstretched canvas. The beauty of unstretched canvas is your art piece can be hung with or without glass (and if you are anything like me, having an art piece hung on the wall without the glare from the glass is a joy). 

You can mount your unstretched canvas easily (and without damaging the piece) with art tape. Use the art tape to attach your piece either directly to the mat, or, to the backing of a frame if your frame is without a mat. 

Some of my favorite frames can be purchased here, here and here.

I didn't have a pretty frame handy for this quick tutorial but even just matted and set on our mantle, this unstretched canvas displays (and photographs) so lovely. And no glare!